Hi, and welcome to whatever this is. At the moment it mostly contains links to various online profiles, my email, and my CV. If I ever feel the need to share or show off something I’ll probably publish it here, but don’t hold your breath.

The person responsible for this website is me, Øyvind Klåpbakken. I graduated from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in January 2020 with a Master’s degree from the study programme Applied Physics and Mathematics. During the last few years of my studies I mainly focused on statistics, and I ended up writing a master’s thesis (available here) on map matching using hidden Markov models. I enjoy messing around with data using tools such as Python, R and SQL. That is why I currently work in insurance as a data scientist.

My current professional interests are package development in Python and R, cloud services and MLOps, and statistical modeling using GLM, GAM and mixed effect models. I also try to stay up-to-date on new developments within the “data realm”. I find Twitter to be really useful for this, feel free to follow me there. I can’t promise I’ll be tweeting anything interesting though.

When I’m not working or doing other things related to what I do professionally you might find me playing video games, listening to music or watching a movie or a TV show. If you wanna know what kind of music I’m into to you can check out my Discogs collection. I buy vinyl much less frequently these days, but it’s still a fairly decent representation of my taste in music. I also enjoy live music, especially at smaller venues.

If you’re into running you can check out my profile on Strava. I’ve been trying to run regularly for the last couple of years (with varying degrees of success). I’m not opposed to engaging in other kinds of physical activity either, but I do that even less successfully than I do running. I might go for a hike once in a while though!

If you have any other questions or want to discuss something with me you can feel free to contact me using any of the links provided on the home page.